Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm into the...danger zone....

No. I didn't upload this because I dream of Dave Shack prancing around and sweating like Kevin Bacon. I uploaded it for two reason. First, because I am happily recovering from my illness in sunny Phoenix and DID lace up the shoes and go running. I am in Phoenix to observe and help with the amazing Phoenix JDRF Gala. I'm so impressed that I have goosebumps. SERIOUSLY. These people know how to put on an event and hope to raise 2.3 million dollars tonight for diabetes research. Cha-CHING. But Footloose has been in my head all day onaccouna I'm going to meet Kenny Loggins tonight, as he's the entertainment for the retro-gala. In fact, some lucky live auction winner will sing with him on stage tonight (so if anyone wants to wire me like $15K, I think I could do it.)

The second reason is because my good friend Mike Runnels (who brings me soup when I'm sick - yes, this is a message to my delinquent friends who do NOTHING for me when I'm sick) always says that it's not 6 degrees to Kevin's 2 degrees to Michelle Alswager and her diabetes causes. :) I'm going to take that as a compliment.

So here's your assignment so you can get within 2 degrees. Email my blog, your blog, the triabetes website, and blab about it to everyone you know. EVERYONE! Knowledge is power.

Now.....I gotta cut loose......FOOTloose........ (everybody cut, everybody cut....everybody cut, everybody cut....)

Admit it. You are flippin' JEALOUS.

PS 2 degrees for me to John Cusack would be fabulous. John? You reading this? I still need a date for my gala on 5/2..... wanna? Sigh......

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