Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crazy JDRF Moms Unite

In 1970 a mom was told her son had type 1 diabetes. The doc said, "Raise some money and we can cure it."

At the Phoenix gala I had the distinct honor to meet Lee Ducat, founding mother of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. They showed an incredible video honoring her work with stories from her children. A picture graced the screen. It was dingy and old, obviously dated. It was a photo of a small dinner party. It is a photo I plan to get my hands on so I can hang it in my JDRF office. It is proof of the first official JDRF meeting - a bunch of crazy moms who wouldn't listen when they were told there wasn't anything they could do about their child's diabetes.

I am a happy enlisted "crazy mom" in this club. I hate to be completely cheesy, but I was completely breathless to listen to her speak on stage. There she was, telling a story of a little boy diagnosed. My story was her story, almost to a "t". I cried, I smiled, and I hugged the JDRF staff people who stood with me.

Of course, the whole evening was surreal, I mean, there I was listening to Kenny Loggins belt out Danger Zone as I danced with our CEO (who always cracks up at how much I love to dance at the JDRF functions) and then got my moment to introduce myself and chat with Lee herself. What an honor and privilege. Thought I would share with all of you.

And yes...I did sneak it in that we are doing a documentary about diabetes and the Ironman...I couldn't help myself.... ;)

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