Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lifescan is my new best friend

Do you have one of these bad boys? Jesse does. He has silver, pink, lime, and black. His favorite is pink. (It's the new 'black', says he).

A shout out to our local Lifescan rep, Scott Short. Just days after I started working at the Executive Director of our local JDRF chapter (and I was still staring at the walls wondering exactly what it was I was doing there), he stepped in and introduced himself. We had lunch. Over that lunch, as we got to know each other, I told Scott about my vision of a getting a bunch of people with type 1 together to do the Ironman Wisconsin. The word "documentary" was said. We spun our ideas.

Fruition: And so it appears through a lot of great people with great vision, a partnership is born. Charles Renfroe and the team at Lifescan, you rock! Thanks for seeing what a great "product" we are...and we are indeed.

Many the diabetic Ironman athlete inquires: how the heck am I going to test my blood sugar on a bike during the event?

My guys (and girls) are happy to show you how - and with this TINY meter glued on to your handlebars (made of sleek carbon of course), you got it made....

I don't need to post a million comments about Diabetes Training Camp - go to and read the athlete's blogs - they are AMAZING.... but you HAVE to check out this photo of our own Johnny Moore sporting the sexiest tshirt on earth while standing on the Great Wall in CHINA!

Where do you wear YOUR Triabetes Tshirt? You don't have one yet???? Dude, GET ONE and send me photos of you wearing it. Want one? Shoot me an email at

Biking 40 miles tomorrow.........see ya on the road!

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