Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Making the Team: 2008

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Contest #2 for Evotri.

500 words or less to illustrate my personality...

Summed up: I'm fun and silly, I don't mind watching a group of hammers stopping in Montana to change my flat even though I am perfectly capable of changing it myself, and I can occasionally "dress the part".

And to tell you my commitment to the Endurance Community:

I not only do the Ironman, but I am assembling 12 type 1 diabetic athletes to play one on TV. For real. http://www.triabetes.org/.

This isn't a popularity contest for me. It's about sending a message. Take note of every picture I put in this post. Whether it's a photo of a Ride to Cure Diabetes in Montana, or Death Valley, or a JDRF Gala, running with an Ironman friend who does the Ride to Cure Diabetes for me each year, or me posing with my son with diabetes, or me posing with my diabetic peeps in San Diego to promote the Triabetes project...are you seeing my message? I bring a message:

A person with diabetes can do what you can do. Go out there and inspire.

Why do I do it? Read all my posts below. I do it for Jesse. First. But I do it for John, Steve A, Steve C, Dave, Anne, Brian, Bill, Clayton, Maddie, Prentice, Peter, Stacy, Miles, Sean, Justin, Aaron, Lauren, Norm, Jim, Vaughn, Sarah, Bobby, Phil, Joe, Shawn, Larry, Joe, Kirch, Sam, Jenny, Colin, Casey, Daniel, Eric, Emily, Elisa.

A bit mushy? Maybe. But the names above are real and I am missing a few names of people I love in the list above by accident. And you know who you are...

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Steve Ahn said...

Well said, hammer. Sorry you couldn't be at DTC - you would have loved it. Thanks for having this dream and including all of us in it. You have changed lives. Ripples in the pond...only these have whitecaps