Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'll Take the 200 Words Given to Us...

Ok. So it's not the world's biggest article. I was excited, however. The May Issue of Triathlete Magazine is out! The May Issue is out! I walked over to Barnes & Noble to get my fresh copy (a triathlete doesn't DRIVE to the bookstore - sheesh!) of the issue.

Page 30 of the 25th Anniversary Issue. There it is. My idea on real, bonafide, national magazine paper.

I have had an interesting week, for sure. I found a new house to move into. I move Saturday. Yes, that is a crazy thing to do right before my huge SOLD OUT gala (gosh I love saying that). But hey, chaos is life, live on chaos. What choice do we have, right? I know there are people out there who enjoy their 6000 sq ft house with pool in the backyard, but hey, are they living life? They go to work, push some paper. Not me. Sometimes the bumps in the road are big enough that you hit your head on the roof of the car, right, but hey, we still find time to make it to the Wednesday Night Bike Ride with 200 of your closest spandex-clad friends, bike into the wind only to enjoy the 30 mph ride back with wind pushing you onward....grin, and enjoy the beginning of what I call "training season". Giddy up. (Athough Mark G did tell me that my idea of bringing razors to the wnbr rides to get guys to shave their legs for my enjoyment was a "bad idea." What? Party pooper....)

As for me and Triathlete Magazine, my issue is framed on my JDRF office wall. I won't be replacing that bad boy until Dave Shack ends up on the cover of GQ, or we get that 3 page story - cover of course - of Bicycling Magazine.

Wicked happy evil grin.

Today I am definitely glad I didn't trade it all in for some 6000 sq ft house. You?

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Steve Ahn said...

All right, shelly! I haven't checked up on things in awhile - nice stuff! Hey I didn't know it was in the magazine... I'll go out and get it. Congrats on the Gala - I don't know if it is happening right now or tomorrow - but enjoy...I mean you've already bought the dress..