Sunday, April 27, 2008

Training for Ironman Can Be Dangerous

So I get an email from my friend, Peter, founder and prez of and Triabetic extraordinaire yesterday morning. It starts out rather mundane. You see, like most of us, he "accidentally" didn't hear his alarm and missed his open water swim with his training group in San Diego. He was disappointed, but hey, he knew he was usually the last swimmer in the group, not so much the front of the pack, he'd go to the pool instead. Then he hears the news that someone he recently met, Dave Martin, was attacked and killed while swimming at the back of the training pack - by a Great White Shark. Peter was pretty shaken up, obviously, and considering some pool swims instead of ocean swims for awhile.

At least during Ironman Wisconsin, the only thing Peter has to fear is boat fuel, some kicks to the head by the guy in front of him, and maybe a small mouth bass skimming his leg.

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