Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I hear videos rock in hi-def....

ah...YEAH! WOW!

It's been awhile since I posted to the old blogster. :) What's to say other than the team is desperately missing each other. It's funny. We became a family, I think. I talk to Anne almost daily. An email from Steve, or John, Peter...Nate...they are all met with a smile.... I miss everyone.

But, here is some candy. Nella and Ray of Andiamo did a fabulous job. I love that Bascom Hill Band - a local band that I started following a few years ago through my friend Stacy - not only let us use their music, but are handing over their "yet-to-be-released" new stuff. How do you like dem apples?????? I cannot WAIT!

For now.... ENJOY...and PLEASE...share.... (I am bad at sharing too, but just this once, ok?)



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Steve Ahn said...

twitter says it was only 36 days ago...seems like yesterday and years ago all at the same time. I've seen dave 2ce and talked to John none. Uhg - guys are bad at missing people. I am almost unhappy that it is over... how odd is that?