Thursday, June 5, 2008

What are the odds?

Ok. I'm all about us chicks rulin' the biking world. That's why I'm trying to make my point extra special that I'm even willing to use pink to describe it. It seems to me, at least in my locality, that more and more women are out there. Out there doing triathlons, running, swimming, and what I've really noticed....biking.

Now at first I was grinning at this knowledge, I mean YEAH! WOOHOO! CHICKS RULE! I'm waving like a maniac as they come the other way. In fact, the other day I actually counted MORE women than men biking the Paoli Loop.

And then...the HORROR set in. As a single girl who enjoys what she calls "busy season"...the season in which everyone trades in their winter gear to actually come outside in splandex and show off their shaved legs (Um, I mean the guys here), I realize...OH...MY.....GOSH....


The ratio! The horror! My odds just got more difficult for the athlete dating pool.

For a girl who typically has pictures like this:

Maybe you see the trend????? :)

Anyhow, I'm willing to share the road with these strong women. After all....

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J-Wim said...

Just remember we are not all shopping, so more for you!