Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Facebook Asked Me....

"Where would you like to see yourself in five years?"

A stupid facebook "interview" that someone sent me actually turned into a massive pondering. If someone had asked me this question in the Spring of 2006, my answer would have involved different people, a different life. Since that Spring, my life has changed greatly. The "who" is much different, yet... I still find myself diving into the diabetes and sports world. I still find myself obsessively checking the site to see how our athlete, Anne Findlay, is doing in the Ironman today in Coeur d'Alene. I still find myself looking at the photos Bob Schrank and Alex Bowden of Team Type 1 just posted of their RAAM experience (nice head stand contest, Schrank). I still find myself doing everything I can to cure Jesse.

Wow. Where WILL I be in 5 years? Where will the documentary be? Will people still watch it? Will it be important anymore because there are 75 people signed up for Ironman Wisconsin in 2013 with diabetes and it's old news? I hope so! Will Jesse be getting up in the morning and shooting himself with a dose of smartinsulin in his junior year of high school and living a virtually diabetes-free day? Will Mike Runnels actually have won that damn lottery and given me all my promised goodness? Will I actually find that perfect guy who loves the diabetes world as much as me AND shaves his legs (at least during bike season)?

For now I guess I live my life one foot in front of the other, with moments of extreme pleasure as I watch my kids play frisbee in the backyard, or spend a weekend riding rollercoasters with my daughter, or hanging out with my old neighbors...but in my new house. And a simple pleasure of driving down Mineral Point Road and not even noticing Robin Parkway. :)

Who thought Facebook would get me to reflect?
Of course, everyone cracked up when the question was "if you had any superpower, what would you want?" and my energetic 7 year old, Joey, didn't blink before shouting out, "lightening breath." Huh. Like it was a no-brainer!

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