Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Smart Insulin - this blew me away

It is very rare I get excited about something "new" I read about in diabetes research. True, I work for an incredible organization, JDRF, that funds research like no one else, but that said, we sure see a lot come across our desk each and every day and it starts to lose it's luster.

At our annual conference, on of my favorite researchers, Dr. Aaron Kowalski, actually got EXCITED talking about "Smart Insulin". Read about it at:

I will be brief in my "mom" version of what I interpreted but basically, the patient receives one shot of insulin per day that adheres to a gel. As glucose levels increase in the body, the gel releases the insulin and in short, gives a type 1 diabetic normal blood sugar levels throughout the day. This is currently succeeding in rats, but has quite a ways to go. So while the scientists over at Smart Cells, Inc. continue to test rats (I keep envisioning rats lounging in a hot tub, drinking margaritas to see if heat affects the gel), I will keep my hopes up.
(I couldn't help CAN google "mouse in hot tub" and exists)


Wingman said...

Just found your blog through the comment you left on Anne's blog. Wonder how exercise would affect that gel - not having to take in twice as much food as others during a triathlon would be AWESOME.

Michelle said...

I know- I was cautiously excited about this. But the idea of giving my son a lethal dose of insulin in the morning scares the heck out of me. So I want that gel to be extra perfect! But then again, when we give ourselves a timed release capsule, in essence, aren't we doing the same thing?

Yeah, Aaron said "imagine having your blood sugar level at 100throughout the day..." I saw starry eyes in the room!

I have sent a message to the folks at Smart Cells to see what they have to say...keep watching the blog! And thanks for supporting Anne! She's going to rock out Coeur d'Alene this weekend!