Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The ladies of Type 1 take on Ironman Lake Placid - you in?

Now that the second generation of Triabetics has raced an Ironman last weekend in Arizona, it makes me ponder my own racing intentions. I've gotten a little fat, I won't lie. I blame my busy job, but let's face it, I think it hasn't helped that my training buddies - Stacy, Miles and so on - have moved away. I don't have anyone texting me at 9:00 am on Saturday saying, "Get up, we're going biking".

Thanks to Jen Davino and Shannon Bounds - two type 1 women itching to do an Ironman - I think I have aspirations to sign up again.

On 7/25/2010 I will turn 41. On 7/27/11 I will race Lake Placid. Let's add some type 1 women to this amazing group - email me if you want in - curejesse@gmail.com.


jpnairn said...

Does it have to be a woman?

Jen said...

No way Jerry!!! The more the merrier. We just want more women to come out. We could be like Triabetic she-ra's :). Michelle you know I'm so there!!

denise said...

I'm in!

Michelle said...

damn right you are there, Jen, you started this! I'm just an innocent bystander this time around.

Jerry, indeed, the more the merrier! My motto is always to go big or go home, so the more type 1'ers we have, the better.

Denise, yay! Stay tuned, Jen and I are working on getting a google group going, etc. Just start spreading the word!