Monday, September 15, 2008

No...tell me how you REALLY feel....

I've been trying to sum it up in words. What I feel, what it meant. Peter summed it up so beautifully on his blog, I feel no need to hog the spotlight on this topic. And Steve Ahn's blog made me cry....and Dave's I mean, just a big fat wow. So instead, here's what I'm doing... I'm sharing an email I got from Bill Carlson and my response. I hope you take a moment to read it.

Late now in california and I haven't yet called you. Yes, Carlson a real stooge. Hey, that project was really terrific. What a great idea for the 12 of us to get together and create the Triabetes team. You made the event really fun with the Tee-shirts, your local talent for the course preview, staying at your place for a couple of days, the fabulous riding jersey and Bucky Tee, and of course the Chinese food and beer. I loved that meal.

Thank you so much for all your help in this project. Now that the game is over we have so much more to do with the production and the media to follow so we can really make a huge statement to people out there with diabetes.

So many folks in Wisconsin will hear our story and will be getting off the couch this winter to get to the gym versus potatoe skins, football on TV, and beers. My calling is to be cheer leader but surely you take the prize as the Madison Princess of Diabetes and Athletics.

Are you coming out to the Tour of Palm Springs in February 2009? It's warm, gentle breezes, and about 2500 riders in beautiful sunshine to ride that cool bike of yours. Think about it.

Take care and hope to see again soon Ms. Curejesse.

Love and Kisses,
Mr. Bill

I saved your email to respond when I grabbed a thoughtful second. I still can't sum it up in words, what it meant to have everyone here. It was so surreal. To think back to when it started and how we got to this point makes me quite emotional. I watched lives transform before my eyes. To get to know everyone mostly via internet and then descend upon my life for a week was amazing and dreamy in some crazy way.

Out of the whole week it's hard for me to pinpoint a best moment. I know it should be related to the event itself....or the reception...or the finish line.... but it's not. Two events mean the most to me. First, having you, Chop and Peter hanging out with my friends - my closest friends - doing exactly what I would normally do on a Wednesday some smack...get some beer and chinese...and hang out with people in the "d" world. It was special to share that with you guys. Second would be having dinner with Anne, Nella, and Ray along with my kids on the Tuesday after everyone else had gone home - and just grilled out, reminisced, and enjoyed one another. I guess its the personal moments that mean the most to me. Miles and Stacy came over for that too.

I guess you found out I tend to surround myself with some pretty cool people in the diabetes world....welcome to it.

As for Palm Springs, I'm sure I'll venture to Cali soon enough. Anne, Stacy and I are already planning a ride in Cali in January!!!!

Now...the real work begins....editing the documentary and putting together the hard work you created!


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Blair said...

Hi Michelle, I'm sitting in a little coffee shop in downtown San Diego and was reading over blogs... really should be studying. Just wanted to tell you that I'd gone home this past weekend to visit family, and yesterday I was driving with my Mum down to my brother's soccer game. I was reading Triabetes blogs I'd printed out. I read pieces to her as she drove. Up until this point it had been so hard to explain to people what I'd done in Wisconsin and what it meant. I am not as eloquent as Peter and therefore cannot do it justice. But as I read Steve Ahn's blog we were both sobbing in the car. No explanation needed.
Thanks for everything, Blair