Friday, September 5, 2008

I should be in bed...but...

I can't sleep. I just knew it's THE weekend and you might be reading this. It's my Triabetes obligation to make sure you are up to date right? :)

So Thursday many new faces arrived. Matt and I attended the medical meeting for the volunteers put on my Ironman. Matt and I asked questions and made sure the volunteers were aware of the # of people with diabetes there would be on the course. Many of the athletes were worried about the swim. You see, try to envision them putting on their wetsuits inside the building. They walk down the large parking ramp called the "Helix". They put away their dry clothes. They get in line to get in the water with 2500 of their closet seal-bodied friends. Barked at in fact to get in the damn water. They tread for 20 minutes. The gun goes off. They finish the swim anywhere between 1:15-2:20 hours. They get out. Their wetsuit is peeled. They have to run back up the "helix" and get to their stuff.

Imagine you have diabetes. No insulin. No glucose meters. No fast acting sugar. Would you panic that you would be without for up to 3 hours minimum? The good news is we convinced IM to let me man a table right as they get in and out of the water for all of their needs - how COOL is that??? Three cheers for North American Sports!!

Lots of chaos, signing up, chip timing, and I can't believe they gave me a pink swim cap - seriously...really? ME? Sexist....grumble grumble.

But all of the athletes are here. As we all got in to practice the swim this morning I begged Ray to take footage of me with all of the newly buff triabetes athletes with their wetsuits half off - DAMN!! They are RIPPED!!!

Of course everyone did get tired of me oggling the 2000 male there is a place to check out guys! WOOHOO!

My house is full of Ahns....and Stewarts...and I'm staying at the home of the Gorsuch family. 2 bedrooms for me, a bath, and a fridge full of beer. Tearin' up. :)

Tomorrow is the welcome reception - gettin' close....... do you smell it? Ironman finishes to come...

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