Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Spy....Triabetes folks at the Governor's place

On August 21st, members of the Triabetes group had the honor of enjoying dinner at the Governor's mansion in Madison, WI. From left to right are Denise, Triabetes member Aaron Perry, Governor Jim Doyle, Andiamo Productions award winning team of Ray Ibsen, Nella Citino, with daughter, Elise, in front. Pioneer of stem cells (really!) Dr. Jamie Thomsen, Me with son Jesse in the triabetes tee, Triabetes athlete Joe Brady with wife, Cindy, and of course First Lady, Jessica Doyle.

It was a small group and lots of time to chat up the staff about the documentary and the amazing athletes. We hope to get invited back after the event and to hopefully show him the documentary!

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bigmike600 said...

You are totally awesome and I wish everyone knew how much you care about others. Hopefully we get a chance to see you this weekend.