Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Mama needs a new pair of shoes...errrr...I mean a new bike, some coaching, zipp wheels, a 2xu wetsuit, and some big-time exposure for the best documentary currently filming - Triabetes. (
I have had the pleasure of meeting Stu of Check him out if you haven't already. He spends some time interviewing top dogs in the Triathlon World. He turned me on to the Evotri ( contest where a lucky winner will win a pretty sweet package. How do you win? You tell the world via youtube video why you "tri" and what you think you bring back to the Endurance Community that's worthy of recognition.
And so girl thinks to self... "hmmmmmmmm....." Definitely "hmm-worthy" at least, is the Triabetes project, right? I mean, 12 type 1 athletes training for Ironman Wisconsin 2008 and capturing it on film to educate the world that while not everyone with diabetes needs to go out and do an Ironman....they CAN. And DO. And while we are at it, can we educate the swim coach, soccer coach, basketball coach, track coach (getting the idea?) that little kids with diabetes CAN swim competively even though they wear an insulin pump, and no it is not a big deal if they have to come off the soccer field to treat a low blood sugar, and yes it is the responsibility to have at least a working knowledge of diabetes? I just got off my soapbox.
On Monday, 10 videos will be posted on the website. For a few days, the online community will vote for the one they think deserves to be on the Evotri team. On Monday, you'll all get the link if I'm selected.
I hope I am selected and even if I'm not, it was a fun ride getting there. (And thanks Andiamo Productions for filming goofy me!)

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