Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cross Training - Wisconsin Style

I could have rode by trainer today in my living room. I could have gone for a run outside. It would have been tough to get to the gym, but heck, I could have packed up my swimsuit and headed for the pool.

But no, today I did a little cross-training....Wisconsin Style. That's right, you Triabetes geeks. In Madison, Wisconsin we got 17 INCHES OF SNOW. 17. The picture above is the view from my driveway as I left for work today.

So, today's strength training was 2 hours of shoveling. Hard sweating, sore muscles, core training baby.

Come on, AHN..... can you BEAT THAT???????????????????????????????????????

I don't know about the rest of the Wisconsin Triabetes athletes...but I am ready to hit some dry pavement......I'm so jealous of Anne riding in San Fran..... Hmpfh.

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