Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This steezin' fool is on his way to New Zealand

I know this post isn't really about Triabetes. But, this post is about my very good friend, Sean Busby. Sean is a professional snowboarder diagnosed just a few years ago with type 1 diabetes. I interviewed Sean when he was first diagnosed. Between myself, Miles Gerson, and Sean, we created a snowboard camp in Wisconsin for kids with "d". We had so much fun doing it, Sean's been hard at work creating more camps around the country.

I just hung up the phone after Sean called me (we were discussing Facebook issues as usual LOL) to say he leaves in the morning to hang out with "d" kids over in New Zealand. Pretty cool! He'll be there awhile.... when he returns, he is joining an expedition to snowboard Antarctica. Yes, he is quite crazy. I posted about him today because I stumbled on this picture of Sean. He usually hides this part of himself because he doesn't want kids to see it. But it really struck me. I hope someday he can look at this tattoo and say, "remember when I had diabetes?"

Follow Sean's adventures: www.ridingoninsulin.com and www.seanbusby.com

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