Sunday, August 31, 2008

The grass is greener on this side of the fence

For 18 months the Triabetes Project has been in my life. Next week Wednesday athletes start to arrive in Madison. I'm having a little Triabetes sleepover on Wednesday with Steve Chop and Bill Carlson at my house - how fun is that? The rest arrive on Thursday, staying with host families like The Gorsuch family, the Sollingers, etc. I can't thank them enough for them opening up their homes.

Dr Matt Corcoran and I are attending a medical meeting with Ironman medical advisors to make sure our team is safe on the course. Friday turns into crazyland as we swim, film, register, film, eat, film, bike, film, run, film, get headquarters ready with supplies, computers, twitter, you name it. Oh, and film. Mandatory meetings, film. The huge welcome reception on Saturday at Grey's Tied House from 3-5 (you are invited, blog reader!), a quiet dinner for just the athletes, Matt, film crew, and I...up at 4:00 am for RACE DAY! WOOHOO.

Ok, here's the point of my picket fence picture. I anticipate some of you will be disappointed with my decision to not race on Sunday. I've tortured myself with a vibe I have had for over two months - the vibe that I serve this team better as a logistics person for the week. As much as I cherish being called the lucky #13 team member - the Triabetic Wannabe - I more so cherish the idea of making sure the film crew can find the athletes on the course, etc. I only have one shot at this documentary. It will be a great honor to watch each of them cross the finish line and I look forward to that. Not to mention I started my fabulous new job as Marketing Director for brava magazine last week!

To those of you who have supported me through my training etc this year... no worries, I don't think I've done my last Ironman. I'm trying to convince Anne and the rest of the team to do Ironman in France in 2010. I'm not kidding... a girl has to have goals.

So support me, by supporting the team. More info to come soon on how you can help on the course! Now, off to the Taste of Madison with the kids....

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