Thursday, August 14, 2008

Triabetes IronFAN...get your tshirts while they are hot!

Ironman is coming up quick and Madison is buzzing! Our fabulous graphic designer, Emily Dobson, put together the official IronFan shirt for the Triabetes project!
WANT ONE???!!!
We will be handing out tshirts the day before Ironman (more info to come) to anyone who is planning on cheering the crew on out on the course! We want to be able to see you. Shirts will go fast of course, so here's an opportunity to RESERVE QUANTITY AND SIZE TODAY!
If you are willing to pre-order, I will set aside your tshirts! No waiting! No hassle! And you are supporting a GREAT cause!
All it takes is a $10 donation (tax deductible) for each shirt. You can email me your request at OR click on the "FIRST GIVING" button on the left of this blog with your donation. It's that simple!
You've been with us this go the full 140.6 miles with us, baby. Get one, and pass on the information to anyone who might be out on the course on 9/7/08. Thanks for all your support - together, we educate the world that people with diabetes can do...ANYTHING.


Bernard said...

Can I get one even if I'm not going to be there? I don't mind paying extra.

Bernard said...

Also I can't see the First Giving button.

Michelle said...

Bernard - shoot me an email at - yes, we'll get you one to wear loud and proud!

The First Giving Button is on my blog home page, it scrolls "the Triabetes Project" and shows a $25 donation on it? You can send a check if you want though - shoot me the email! And spread the word!