Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meet my new training buddy!

Some people like to go running with their friends, some like to run alone. I tend to run alone more because I'm embarrassed about how slow I am, but the more I run, the more I appreciate just quietly getting into my own head.

I decided to run through the arboretum today which is a really nice 7 mile loop around Lake Wingra. It's just a bit of a tradition for many athletes to run the "arb". As I am stretching outside my car, parked close to the Nakoma Country Club, I realize the mosquitos are swarming. Ugh.

I start my run and feel pretty good. After about 3 miles, I walk so I can wipe sweat that is dripping in my eyes. Instantly, my buddies are back, biting me.

So instead of a rabbit, it appears that mosquitos become my new running buddies. Stop, and you are a goner. What was that crazy movie? Logan's Run or something?

Two loops of the arb today, 14 miles and man, am I crabby ... and goodnight!

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