Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hey! How can I support Triabetes? Here's how!

So, if you want to have an interesting afternoon searching the web, I highly suggest googling things like "kids saying please" or "giving". I was looking for just the right image to put with my asking you, your friends and complete strangers for money. You know what came up when I searched for a cute little kid face saying please? I got this photo of kid flippin' the bird. Huh. My mom must have taught me wrong?

Anyhow. I've set up this really cool thing called "First Giving". Any money raised by clicking on the button to the left will go directly to funding the Triabetes project. I mean, look how COOL Dave Shack looks with these iron-fans last year during sign up!
But, Michelle, isn't the project already funded? Well, yes, thanks for asking. We have had HUGE support from sponsors who gave us huge amounts of money (ahem, Lifescan) and those who gave us really cool stuff like Specialized helmets, shoes, and optics, training from Diabetes Training Camp, spibelts, vitalyte, purefit bars, money to spend at the tri-sports store - just to name a few. But documentaries are expensive!

What we would like to do is make sure everyone who comes out on race day to support the team gets a free tshirt to wear - what's the point? A free tshirt? Well, no, actually. The point is, we want everyone out there racing to feel at home. We want them to feel the diabetic love. We want the film crew to be able to "spot" our fans for the documentary. We want our tshirts to show up all over the official Ironman video too of course!

Steve Ahn has been working with a supportive fan in the Boone, NC area who is trying to get us 500 tshirts! Imagine the course dotted with little Triabetes Iron-fans everywhere. Let's make it happen!
PS googling "giving" comes up with a lot of unsavory pictures of birthing....don't go there!

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