Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crazy JDRF Moms Unite

In 1970 a mom was told her son had type 1 diabetes. The doc said, "Raise some money and we can cure it."

At the Phoenix gala I had the distinct honor to meet Lee Ducat, founding mother of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. They showed an incredible video honoring her work with stories from her children. A picture graced the screen. It was dingy and old, obviously dated. It was a photo of a small dinner party. It is a photo I plan to get my hands on so I can hang it in my JDRF office. It is proof of the first official JDRF meeting - a bunch of crazy moms who wouldn't listen when they were told there wasn't anything they could do about their child's diabetes.

I am a happy enlisted "crazy mom" in this club. I hate to be completely cheesy, but I was completely breathless to listen to her speak on stage. There she was, telling a story of a little boy diagnosed. My story was her story, almost to a "t". I cried, I smiled, and I hugged the JDRF staff people who stood with me.

Of course, the whole evening was surreal, I mean, there I was listening to Kenny Loggins belt out Danger Zone as I danced with our CEO (who always cracks up at how much I love to dance at the JDRF functions) and then got my moment to introduce myself and chat with Lee herself. What an honor and privilege. Thought I would share with all of you.

And yes...I did sneak it in that we are doing a documentary about diabetes and the Ironman...I couldn't help myself.... ;)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm into the...danger zone....

No. I didn't upload this because I dream of Dave Shack prancing around and sweating like Kevin Bacon. I uploaded it for two reason. First, because I am happily recovering from my illness in sunny Phoenix and DID lace up the shoes and go running. I am in Phoenix to observe and help with the amazing Phoenix JDRF Gala. I'm so impressed that I have goosebumps. SERIOUSLY. These people know how to put on an event and hope to raise 2.3 million dollars tonight for diabetes research. Cha-CHING. But Footloose has been in my head all day onaccouna I'm going to meet Kenny Loggins tonight, as he's the entertainment for the retro-gala. In fact, some lucky live auction winner will sing with him on stage tonight (so if anyone wants to wire me like $15K, I think I could do it.)

The second reason is because my good friend Mike Runnels (who brings me soup when I'm sick - yes, this is a message to my delinquent friends who do NOTHING for me when I'm sick) always says that it's not 6 degrees to Kevin's 2 degrees to Michelle Alswager and her diabetes causes. :) I'm going to take that as a compliment.

So here's your assignment so you can get within 2 degrees. Email my blog, your blog, the triabetes website, and blab about it to everyone you know. EVERYONE! Knowledge is power.

Now.....I gotta cut loose......FOOTloose........ (everybody cut, everybody cut....everybody cut, everybody cut....)

Admit it. You are flippin' JEALOUS.

PS 2 degrees for me to John Cusack would be fabulous. John? You reading this? I still need a date for my gala on 5/2..... wanna? Sigh......

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ninja Stealth

I saw this icon and thought of Steve "Ninja" Ahn. So I had to upload the photo. I was either going to load that up, or a picture of a thermometer to show the reason why I have a good excuse yet again today not to workout. I have managed to come down with the fever and chills on the day before I leave for a trip to Phoenix to attend the JDRF Gala. I'm going to be an airline passenger's worst nightmare! No one is going to want to sit next to me and all of my germs. But I'm determined to go.
Since I'm out here on the web and I usually ask anyone for anything - we are a nonprofit trying to spread the message that people with diabetes can do anything they set their minds to. That said, Dave Shack, the guy who "came off the couch" to do this Ironman is transforming rapidly and we need him to be equipped with hi-def cameras to capture the transformation (I never called you fat, Mr. Shack! So stop saying that!). My friend, Shawn, is working hard to track down some donated cameras, but if you believe in our mission and can get us some cameras for the athletes to record their lives, we sure would appreciate it!
Now I'm going back to bed. I have to rest before my trip.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm behind in the blog life, but I refuse to mention McDonalds

I have no business blogging about the Triabetes project because I can't come close to the riveting stories that are told by the athletes that are already blogging (go to to see the links to their blogs). But I thought, what the heck, blog. My perspective will be that of the mom of a type 1 child. I am doing the Ironman with these amazing people. Unlike the rest of them, I haven't begun my training. What's my excuse? Um, my day job as Executive Director for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation keeps me busy. I travel a lot for my job. I have 3 amazing kids ages 7, 11 and 14. I spend too much time on Facebook. My friends twist my arm frequently to come out and do stupid things like go to the Roller Derby (what? huh?) My bike coach (a Triabetes athlete as well) hasn't bugged me NEARLY enough to get off my butt. Errrr, my dog ate my swimsuit?

There are 5 of us I consider official Triabetic Wannabes that work very hard on this project. Me (of course) with a focus on keeping the athletes happy (you ARE happy, aren't you??), Nella Citino and Ray Ibsen who are putting the beautiful documentary together and have a child with diabetes, Matt Corcoran, M.D., the amazing doc for this team who also happens to run Diabetes Training Camp, and of course Nate Heintzman, scientist extraordinaire out in San Diego sweating his you-know-what-off to lead this project. If this blog doesn't go over well, Nate and I can always start a blog about burritos or something.

I can't tell you the reward I feel each and every day when I read the athlete's blogs and watch them transform before my eyes. Your eyes. I can't tell you what it feels like to know I brought them together AND we are having fun along the way. I can't tell you what it feels like to know my type 1 son, Jesse, is diggin' it.

I'm not mentioning McDonalds, and it's not on my running route. Not yet. If they become a sponsor, I promise to run past it and eat there. For now, I continue to run the Arboretum with my friend Zeke telling me to get my butt in gear. I look forward to my weekly runs to Picnic Point with my good friend, Tierney, who tells me I'm old and fat and MAY finish IM.

Bring on the smack's the only thing that will get me across that finish. I have a goal, it's shallow, but a goal nonetheless. I'll share in a future blog.