Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mile 23 - working my way to Death Valley

It will come to no surprise to most of you that I still have conversations with Jesse. Maybe that sounds crazy. I know it is not. Yesterday I was told through an intuitive friend that Jesse is excited about my upcoming trip from NYC to DC as part of Hope on Two Wheels ( participating with 23 of the most well-known cycling for diabetes rockstars I've ever met. Honor to be asked. I booked my flights today with a renewed energy knowing he's proud that I'm part of it. Back in April I flew out to San Diego (picture above is me with Jen Nicholson, mother of Trent Nicholson, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 14 from his type 1 diabetes) to ride in the ADA Tour de Cure with my friends John Flint and Kurt Matel. The team grew every day as I met more and more people in the d-world. Brian Haag, Anne Findlay Dowling, Bob Nicholson, Ryan Maloney (remember the cute boy from the Triabetes Documentary) and so many more. Mile 23 as most of you know is a mile of silence not only for Jesse but for all of the other kids who have lost their lives to this disease. We honored the kids as well with arm warmers - if you look closely you can see their names throughout.
It was an emotional start as we honored the boys that started it all - Jesse and Trent. With my Death Valley ride coming up as well as my Hope on Two Wheels I thought now would be a good time to ask you to donate if it moves you. When you go to this link you'll be reminded of Jesse from just weeks before he was gone. I'm grateful Jesse is still part of my life and my mission. The mission to make sure no other family goes through what we have.