Thursday, September 25, 2008

Triabetes Ironfans

Well, I shamelessly led out this blog entry with a picture of my lovely teen, Samantha. It's rare that Sam pays a whole lotta attention to what mom does unless what mom is doing is somehow inappropriate (ok, ok that happens a lot). But 5 minutes ago she and I were watching a top secret double-probation reel that Nella sent over today that just blew me out of the water. She showed some footage with a local fav band of mine playing. I was incredibly moved once again.

I realized as I was subjecting all of my children to watching it for the 100th time and saying "SHHHH! I'm trying to hear this part!" that Sam was once again wearing her Ironfan shirt. And I looked over and so was Jesse. We won't headcount Joey because it never matters what he is wearing because it is always covered in cat hair. If you knew him at ALL you would understand that comment.

Ironfans. I need a moment to talk about them. Wow. Did they show up in #s or WHAT? Over 200 tshirts were printed and worn by friends and family. I always new
the shirts would serve many purposes - I mean, this wasn't my first trip to the big show, baby. I knew it would serve purpose, but I am going to share with you a few times it really counted.

Swim start - I'm manning the table of ziplock bags filled with diabetes gear and glucos
e and I hear "Michelle! Michelle!" Two of my favorite triabetes fans are standing there cheering and congratulating me - Jenny and Mike Wimmer (psst they signed up for 09). They found us. All of the sudden I spot Joe's wife, Cindy, in her shirt and it allows us to stand together with Joe's family as we hear the gun go off.

The swim is over and it's time to head up to headquarters so I can debrief and head out to the bike course. A huge family co
mes running up and says, "Excuse me, do you know Peter Nerothin? I'm his dad and this is his family." Step right up Nerothin family, head up to headquarters and get some Ironfan shirts (later at the finish Peter exclaims to me, "Michelle! Did you meet my family??" A wink and a nod - of course I did!). Stop at Einstein bagel to grab quick coffee and food with Stacy Cook on our way out to the bike course and an adorable little girl and her family stop us to say they watched about our team on the news and the little girl was just diagnosed with type 1 within weeks. Out come some Ironfan shirts for the new fans and they went out to watch! A lady in Chicago cheering on the course comes up to say her mom has diabetes. The race course officials talk to me as Brian Foster tests and gets food and tells me how cool they think our project is. Ironfans. Brian is low on the run course - good thing we can spot people in Ironfan shirts for surely they will know how to help him!

And now we are at the finish line. I'm stopped literally every time I walk up and down the bleachers to hear, "we heard about you guys! My child has mom has diabetes...." and of course, the guy who just finishes Ironman and is hugging and kissing his wife, sees me and comes running over, grabs me and says, "I've been seeing you guys all day! Please! Meet my wife! I want her to do Ironman with me but she says she can't because she has diabetes." And out comes an Ironfan shirt for someone I hope one day becomes a Triabetic herself.

Literally, I saw Stacy Cook give her Triabetes Ironfan shirt....right off her back. Not kidding (and yes this was a very popular moment on the Midtown hill where many a triathlete thanked her and blessed her for her bikini moment.)

Triabetes Ironfans. I thank you. They thank you. We couldn't have done it without you.

Isn't that something? We started this to bring awareness....I guess we reached at least one of our goals....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roughed Out Can Be Rough

I went over to Ray and Nella's last night to take a look at the footage that was shot for the documentary. It's amazing how much there really is. Nella has a studio all set up in her house so we grabbed a few sodas and plugged away. It was really exciting for me to see the footage. And there are some really funny parts that I hope I can convince Nella to put into a blooper real for all of us.

Nella's creative brain was working overtime. We had lots of thoughts about the movie...the direction, the feel, the emotion, and even things like the music. Nella and I got to talking and thought it might be great to feature Madison area musicians to give it that local feel. I have to say I love the idea and have already contacted some musicians who want to take part in the project.

So patience is key while I wait for Nella to keep chopping and editing ....

Monday, September 15, 2008

No...tell me how you REALLY feel....

I've been trying to sum it up in words. What I feel, what it meant. Peter summed it up so beautifully on his blog, I feel no need to hog the spotlight on this topic. And Steve Ahn's blog made me cry....and Dave's I mean, just a big fat wow. So instead, here's what I'm doing... I'm sharing an email I got from Bill Carlson and my response. I hope you take a moment to read it.

Late now in california and I haven't yet called you. Yes, Carlson a real stooge. Hey, that project was really terrific. What a great idea for the 12 of us to get together and create the Triabetes team. You made the event really fun with the Tee-shirts, your local talent for the course preview, staying at your place for a couple of days, the fabulous riding jersey and Bucky Tee, and of course the Chinese food and beer. I loved that meal.

Thank you so much for all your help in this project. Now that the game is over we have so much more to do with the production and the media to follow so we can really make a huge statement to people out there with diabetes.

So many folks in Wisconsin will hear our story and will be getting off the couch this winter to get to the gym versus potatoe skins, football on TV, and beers. My calling is to be cheer leader but surely you take the prize as the Madison Princess of Diabetes and Athletics.

Are you coming out to the Tour of Palm Springs in February 2009? It's warm, gentle breezes, and about 2500 riders in beautiful sunshine to ride that cool bike of yours. Think about it.

Take care and hope to see again soon Ms. Curejesse.

Love and Kisses,
Mr. Bill

I saved your email to respond when I grabbed a thoughtful second. I still can't sum it up in words, what it meant to have everyone here. It was so surreal. To think back to when it started and how we got to this point makes me quite emotional. I watched lives transform before my eyes. To get to know everyone mostly via internet and then descend upon my life for a week was amazing and dreamy in some crazy way.

Out of the whole week it's hard for me to pinpoint a best moment. I know it should be related to the event itself....or the reception...or the finish line.... but it's not. Two events mean the most to me. First, having you, Chop and Peter hanging out with my friends - my closest friends - doing exactly what I would normally do on a Wednesday some smack...get some beer and chinese...and hang out with people in the "d" world. It was special to share that with you guys. Second would be having dinner with Anne, Nella, and Ray along with my kids on the Tuesday after everyone else had gone home - and just grilled out, reminisced, and enjoyed one another. I guess its the personal moments that mean the most to me. Miles and Stacy came over for that too.

I guess you found out I tend to surround myself with some pretty cool people in the diabetes world....welcome to it.

As for Palm Springs, I'm sure I'll venture to Cali soon enough. Anne, Stacy and I are already planning a ride in Cali in January!!!!

Now...the real work begins....editing the documentary and putting together the hard work you created!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stay tuned....more to come...

Hey everyone! We are in the process of doing post-interviews, editing the movie, finding distribution channels, updating the facebook "triabetes 2008" page and of course, updating the site to reflect the past, present and future.

I'm happy to announce that we will be blogging as we edit the film through the eyes of the filmmaker, Nella Citino. We thought it would be good for you to see the process of what it takes to get the film into production. It was a ton of work to get the movie "in the can." I can't imagine what sweat we will put into the rest of the process.

Keep checking back...there is so much more to come. And in the meantime, please read the athlete's blogs at - go to "media", then blog on the right. I know Steve Ahn, Dave Shack, and Peter Nerothin are completely updated!

Thanks for hangin' with us... and if you are interested in being part of the team in 09, give me a shout at!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

See how it unfolded

kudos to the folks at Sharendipity for turning us on to Twitter - you can see how the whole day unfolded..

Sat, 11:57:19 a.m. see everyone at the Welcome Reception - Grey’s Tied House, 3 p.m.!
Sat, 09:13:45 p.m. Hello world! What a great day - and thanks for being spotters for these athletes! cya manana….
Sat, 11:52:37 p.m. man, why am I still up when I have to be up at 4:30 a.m.? Sigh…..

Sun, 06:19:09 a.m. at HQ, getting ready! the BIG DAY
Sun, 06:21:00 a.m. For those following us out on the course, send msgs to number 40404, and in the message body, type ‘@triabetes I saw so and so on here!’
Sun, 06:32:55 a.m. the sun is coming up. gorgeous!
Sun, 06:33:54 a.m. 25 minutes until start…. clear sky’s; fingers crossed that it holds
Sun, 06:38:05 a.m. the excitement is running hi! TONS of people at start… I can see them from the window! Jam packed.
Sun, 06:38:26 a.m.
Sun, 06:38:42 a.m. heading down in minutes…. photos on the way
Sun, 06:51:25 a.m. Pros are off!!!!
Sun, 06:53:19 a.m. Triathletes are getting into the water. 9 min until start. Many are in the water already
Sun, 06:55:03 a.m. Wish sending photos was working. *Perfect* Start… Sun is up, mostly clear, high 50’s, a little breeze… Great!
Sun, 06:57:38 a.m. Most of the athletes are in the water. Just heard a roar from then in the water
Sun, 06:58:12 a.m. 2200 athletes in the water

Sun, 07:00:05 a.m. Holding the line… Boats getting out of the way… BANG…. Crowd goes crazy!!! They are off!
Sun, 07:00:29 a.m. It is like white water! WOW
Sun, 07:01:17 a.m. That is impressive
Sun, 07:04:53 a.m.
Sun, 07:07:34 a.m.
Sun, 07:12:33 a.m. Swimmers are spreading out now
Sun, 07:14:32 a.m. Pros are coming around for their second lap
Sun, 07:22:39 a.m.
Sun, 07:23:11 a.m. Mandatory bike-lust picture (sorry!)
Sun, 07:24:38 a.m. Crowds spreading out over a half mile ok the lake.. Some very colorful shirts, some with slogans not appropriate for a family news feed :)
Sun, 07:26:47 a.m.
Sun, 07:27:43 a.m.
Sun, 07:29:15 a.m. Hot air balloon coming over the lake where the swimmers are
Sun, 07:29:36 a.m. Here come the pros….
Sun, 07:31:57 a.m.
Sun, 07:33:22 a.m. Lots of coffee being consumed by this crowd
Sun, 07:34:59 a.m. Ah, coffee, crowds, little kids all over the place doing what the do best (being cute)… And the smashing pumpkins blaring from speakers
Sun, 07:45:55 a.m. those on the course who have cameras? call Adam (or come to HQ) and we’ll get them up on the web!
Sun, 07:51:08 a.m. unscrewing safety locks on 8 story windows so we can get our banner out on the side of the building so people can see it… life is good
Sun, 07:54:07 a.m. who is writing about triabetes today? send the links in!

Sun, 08:00:04 a.m. getting prepared for bill carlson (bib # 1574) for coming out of the swim
Sun, 08:04:50 a.m. bills IN! SMOKING time
Sun, 08:05:22 a.m. He just ran by the triabetes supply table at the transition area
Sun, 08:08:30 a.m. @SEAGER Still in the water…. bill just came out
Sun, 08:12:34 a.m. I don’t know bill’s swim time exactly, but it was somewhere between 60-65 minutes…. for 2.4 miles? (swoon)
Sun, 08:16:49 a.m. Bill swam in 1:03
Sun, 08:17:01 a.m. athlete updates live at:
Sun, 08:18:02 a.m. you need these bib numbers to track people: Ann (2079), Steve Ahn(778) Dave (501), Steve Chop (1148), Bill Carlson(1574)….
Sun, 08:18:50 a.m. Brian (740), joe (1767), Aaron (204), Peter (426), John (543), Larry (1836), Steve Parker (1149)
Sun, 08:20:18 a.m. you can hear the crowds 5 blocks away on the 8th fl of a building…the transition is happening!
Sun, 08:20:59 a.m. message @triabetes if you would like specific updates on an athlete
Sun, 08:22:08 a.m. Peter is in!!!!! That surprised us here as no one knew he was *that* fast
Sun, 08:23:12 a.m. 1:61:52 for peter. Peter, you are a GOD. Smoke the bike buddy!
Sun, 08:25:01 a.m. Steve Ahn is just in… right behind peter…
Sun, 08:26:06 a.m. ok, so this is a group of gods…. sharks really
Sun, 08:34:27 a.m. the adrenaline is pumping at HQ….
Sun, 08:34:37 a.m. bunch of athletes just came in, in a row
Sun, 08:34:54 a.m. Steve parker: 1:30 (go steve!)
Sun, 08:35:30 a.m. joe: 1:25 (nice joe!)
Sun, 08:38:14 a.m. steve chop: 1:31…
Sun, 08:38:56 a.m. lots of IronFans (triabetes supporters) on the ramp between swim and bike
Sun, 08:39:23 a.m. they exit the lake and have to run up a helix car ramp up 4 stories to the top of a parking garage…. it is just lined with spectators!
Sun, 08:39:43 a.m. The noise is unbelievable! we can hear it blocks away, and those who are there say it is wild
Sun, 08:40:31 a.m. Dave’s out! 1:32…. great time dave
Sun, 08:44:28 a.m. haha… just received a note saying dave’s alive. you bet he is!!!
Sun, 08:45:00 a.m. Perry’s out. 1:40. All right perry!
Sun, 08:45:29 a.m. for many, the swim is the toughest leg; while it is the first, so you are fresh, it can just take a lot out of ya…
Sun, 08:45:49 a.m. the word is that they are looking QUITE good
Sun, 08:46:16 a.m. Larry Smith is out!
Sun, 08:46:32 a.m. brian is out!
Sun, 08:48:37 a.m. oh oh… we are getting word that brian came out with peter…but the tracker doesn’t show him having come out of the water. We’ll find him
Sun, 08:53:00 a.m. everyone is out
Sun, 08:53:36 a.m. anne is out at 1:46
Sun, 08:54:00 a.m. larry was out in 1:41
Sun, 08:54:14 a.m. and John came out with Ann at 1:46
Sun, 08:54:48 a.m. the triabetes table at the transition area says that brian did indeed come out quite early…. but the tracker isn’t showing that.
Sun, 08:54:59 a.m. shoot! I hope his chip is working!
Sun, 08:57:49 a.m. so all athletes are on the bike course… time to go grab some coffee! brb

Sun, 09:09:22 a.m. word from @ClaudiaLaycock is that anne picked up bike and is through the transition area
Sun, 09:09:44 a.m. she was on Aaron’s heel
Sun, 09:19:22 a.m. a bunch of family and volunteers have been stopping by; getting directions, extra tee-shirts, and saying hello. Feel free to do the s a.m.e!
Sun, 09:22:35 a.m. dave dropped some kit (not sure what…) in the transition area…and asked michelle to look around…so that is what they are doing
Sun, 09:43:06 a.m. families are popping up out of the woodwork at triabetes HQ; nice folks
Sun, 09:43:42 a.m. the triabetes folks at the transition area are back; they are completely jazzed. Everyone was looking fantastic
Sun, 09:51:09 a.m. to put bill’s swim time of 1:03 in perspective, the pro’s were finishing it in 55 minutes; bill was only 8 minutes behind them. hot
Sun, 09:58:37 a.m. NOTICE: Brian Foster’s chip is NOT working. if you see him, let him know.

Sun, 10:01:45 a.m. the weather is changing… it was getting quite warm but now it is getting a hazy and overcast…. fingers crossed that it is not a storm
Sun, 10:03:16 a.m. people have asked about blood-sugars. Only one athlete was a little low…everyone else was just about *perfect*.
Sun, 10:04:51 a.m. bill and Brian just passed Mt. Horeb
Sun, 10:09:01 a.m. NOTICE: brian foster knows his chip is not working… he needs to tell an official or transition person (someone in green)
Sun, 10:22:12 a.m. Hello to Dr. Matt from the Triabetes HQ crew!
Sun, 10:27:42 a.m. JR from insulindependence is on his way to HQ!
Sun, 10:28:19 a.m. The finish line is getting setup (though we have some time!)
Sun, 10:32:18 a.m.
Sun, 10:33:11 a.m. Ah, some pre-race jitters on the sidewalk; no photo needed
Sun, 10:35:20 a.m.
Sun, 10:36:44 a.m.
Sun, 10:41:46 a.m.
Sun, 10:42:15 a.m. Bill is headed back into Verona on Midtown Rd. Yeah Bill!!!
Sun, 10:42:34 a.m. Folks relaxing at the starbucks right at the finish line; they are doing mucho business
Sun, 10:53:52 a.m. They are putting a new chip on brian’s shoe

Sun, 11:08:03 a.m. Peter and Brian are headed into Verona. Way to go guys!!!
Sun, 11:09:02 a.m. Estimating bill hitting the next transition between 1:10 and 1:20
Sun, 11:13:50 a.m. estimating that P is going to finish the bike in 5:45. just tested in the 400s. run estimate=3:45
Sun, 11:14:38 a.m. race photos on the triabetes facebook page!
Sun, 11:16:28 a.m. Steve Ahn on Old Sauk Pass- yeah Steve!!!
Sun, 11:17:16 a.m. Multiple bill sightings throughout Verona. Keep the updates flowing!
Sun, 11:18:04 a.m. @ClaudiaLaycock thanks for the update.
Sun, 11:18:10 a.m. Bill is almost halfway- you’re a rockstar.
Sun, 11:21:06 a.m. What a town. There are runners and bikers all over the place.
Sun, 11:21:56 a.m. Streams of spectators on bikes heading to Verona. I’m not one of them; on a bus instead :(
Sun, 11:22:58 a.m. Aaron just left Mt. Horeb
Sun, 11:30:45 a.m. Triabetes pics:
Sun, 11:31:25 a.m. @tricia with some updates (thanks!). Brian and pete still neck and neck, passing the half way mark
Sun, 11:32:14 a.m. John Moore just went thru stagecoach
Sun, 11:32:26 a.m. Chris letting us know from the bike course that there is some grade A partying going on. People are having a great time
Sun, 11:33:31 a.m. Chop, Ahn, and Brady at Midtown.
Sun, 11:35:07 a.m. The weather is cooling off a bit, with just a slight breeze. Mid to high 60’s
Sun, 11:35:27 a.m. NOTICE: Does anyone know if Bill is near Verona?
Sun, 11:36:31 a.m. John Moore on Timber now.
Sun, 11:37:03 a.m. Parker is on Old Sauk Pass
Sun, 11:39:19 a.m. Anne is on Old Sauk- way to go Anne!!!!!
Sun, 11:43:30 a.m. It is a festival out here on the bike course! Thousands of spectators tailgating… :)
Sun, 11:45:45 a.m. Bill just got on 92
Sun, 11:45:49 a.m. 16 yr olds on security detail… You don’t see that everyday :D
Sun, 11:47:32 a.m. Steve anne just went by Verona HS
Sun, 11:48:20 a.m. Steve Parker, Anne Findlay, John Moore on Timber Lane- keep it up guys!!!
Sun, 11:52:41 a.m. An athlete is about 6 min behind steve ahn…. Missed who it was
Sun, 11:54:49 a.m. Ahn and chop passed half way mark
Sun, 11:55:18 a.m. Bill passed 92 about 5 min ago
Sun, 11:55:55 a.m. Hang in there P!!!
Sun, 11:58:36 a.m. P is on Hwy G
Sun, 11:59:04 a.m. People have a lot of energy on the bike here… They are universally jazzed

Sun, 12:02:51 p.m. Miles, you’re the man. Rock on.
Sun, 12:03:33 p.m. John just passed Verona HS. Looking fantastic, and giving a good wave
Sun, 12:10:31 p.m. John Moore passed Verona hs about 8min ago
Sun, 12:12:17 p.m. Bill just cleared Mt. Horeb
Sun, 12:18:04 p.m. Steve 3.0 just went by Verona hs
Sun, 12:19:04 p.m. Larry is through old sauk pass! good work!
Sun, 12:19:21 p.m. Steve just passed Verona
Sun, 12:24:49 p.m. 501 passed Verona hs
Sun, 12:31:57 p.m. Anne passed Verona, looking top notch
Sun, 12:34:29 p.m. Dave passed verona hs 9 minutes ago
Sun, 12:38:22 p.m.
Sun, 12:38:44 p.m. Hockey on the course; anytime anywhere
Sun, 12:42:50 p.m. Larry and Aaron at Midtown.
Sun, 12:43:36 p.m. Wind picking up on the course
Sun, 12:43:45 p.m. Peter and Brian passed J and Garfoot
Sun, 12:44:21 p.m. The speedy ones are going through Verona now
Sun, 12:45:35 p.m. The water stop is awesome… They are doing running handoffs
Sun, 12:48:17 p.m. Some are coming off the hill towards the aid station and they are flying
Sun, 12:50:20 p.m. The volunteers on the course are awesome.
Sun, 12:51:11 p.m. When they make a successful handoff, there is pleasantries passed and they are excited
Sun, 12:57:45 p.m. Aaron just went through Verona aid station. Cruising!

Sun, 01:03:52 p.m. Bill Carlson passed S on Timber Ln. Bill is on fire!!!!
Sun, 01:05:53 p.m. Blair is staked out on Mile 66
Sun, 01:08:47 p.m. NOTICE: Blair has insulin at 102 mark
Sun, 01:10:23 p.m. Blair you’re a rockstar.
Sun, 01:17:36 p.m. HELLO WORLD: Bill Carlson has 21 left to go on the bike and requests a chili dog.
Sun, 01:18:53 p.m. Steve Ahn headed to cross plains.
Sun, 01:23:24 p.m. P is on Old Sauk Rd. Keep it up Nero!!!
Sun, 01:25:36 p.m. Brian Foster is thru Old Sauk Rd. You’re the man, Big B.
Sun, 01:25:55 p.m. Bill passed Verona aid station: at 102
Sun, 01:26:03 p.m. We can hear cheering here at HQ!
Sun, 01:26:57 p.m. Brady is on Garfoot to Cross Plains. Yeah Joe!!!!!!!!!!
Sun, 01:27:54 p.m. Anne is headed into Mt. Horeb.
Sun, 01:28:42 p.m. John Moore on Garfoot headed to Cross Plains.
Sun, 01:41:50 p.m. Peter and Brian just finished Midtown Rd.
Sun, 01:51:33 p.m. Peter FLEW through vernona
Sun, 01:52:01 p.m. Brian was one min behind looking awesome
Sun, 01:59:24 p.m. Aaron is out :-(

Sun, 02:00:02 p.m. chop is at midtown
Sun, 02:00:31 p.m. Dave passed Mt. horeb about 10 min ago
Sun, 02:01:18 p.m. SHOOT: Aaron dropped
Sun, 02:05:11 p.m. Ahn thru Old Sauk
Sun, 02:06:06 p.m. Leaving Verona with a full bus of spectators. There is an unbelievable amount of energy considering
Sun, 02:07:32 p.m. Next to cyclists on bus; they are smoothly passing us
Sun, 02:09:13 p.m. Oh man! Cyclist crashed at intersection. She got up but her bike looks trashed. Oh that sucks
Sun, 02:11:35 p.m. I missed the fried milk curds at Verona. I guess I haven’t lived yet
Sun, 02:23:36 p.m. Update about Aaron coming
Sun, 02:29:47 p.m. Adam, yer da bomb :-p
Sun, 02:38:34 p.m. Bill exited T2!!!
Sun, 02:40:01 p.m. Brady over the big hill and heading towards verona
Sun, 02:41:32 p.m. Joe had a low bg (38!) that he had to deal with; slowed him up bit I’m glad he can still go!
Sun, 02:45:29 p.m. john moore cruised through verona and blair reports he is looking gooooood ;)
Sun, 02:46:02 p.m. for those following and concerned about Peter, we have placed extra insulin (needles and vials, plus 2 extra omni-pods) at T2
Sun, 02:46:58 p.m. we are sending people to the start and end of the T2 transition to sync up with him…
Sun, 02:47:26 p.m. SO, things are looking good
Sun, 02:48:07 p.m. UPDATE: that was quick… it has been confirmed directly that Peter is *OK*
Sun, 02:50:09 p.m. we are a bit behind on some updates….
Sun, 02:51:16 p.m. BILL: did the bike at 6:07 and is out on the running course
Sun, 02:52:08 p.m. Peter: 6:10 bike… yikes! he is also out on the run
Sun, 02:52:38 p.m. the times we are getting are about 10-15 min delayed
Sun, 02:52:38 p.m. the times we are getting are about 10-15 min delayed
Sun, 02:53:36 p.m. oh shoot… the word on Brian’s chip was that it was accidently left on his shoe :(. So we’ll have times for him soon..
Sun, 02:54:00 p.m. but when I saw him on Verona at 102 mile mark, he was about 1:30 min behind peter…and he was all smiles!
Sun, 02:55:39 p.m. We cannot get information about aaron while he is in medical… they won’t allow that… We’re trying to get info from them….
Sun, 02:55:49 p.m. but he is with medical; so he is with the pros
Sun, 02:57:56 p.m. anne is at midtown

Sun, 03:00:02 p.m. Peter and brian are together on the run… arm and arm! on the course together
Sun, 03:00:15 p.m. parker at midtown!
Sun, 03:02:33 p.m. dave should be just behind parker
Sun, 03:03:39 p.m. so for you number folks… peter jumped up his ranking by 250 spots
Sun, 03:09:44 p.m. blair got some good photos of John from the bus back to downtown from verona
Sun, 03:10:09 p.m. oh oh…. getting hungry at HQ… feeling grouchy! but what do we have to complain about :D
Sun, 03:15:22 p.m. ok, fingers crossed here…. larry is going to be close to the cutoff time for the bike (5:30).
Sun, 03:15:41 p.m. CHOP is on the run! woa, wasn’t expecting that… he made some great cycling time
Sun, 03:17:20 p.m. steve chop made some fantastic time on the bike: 6:25. well done steve!
Sun, 03:17:50 p.m. reports are flying furiously right now… we have our agents sneaking around (but with dead cell phones)
Sun, 03:19:58 p.m. Miles is down at the medical working on getting information about Aaron
Sun, 03:20:27 p.m. and miles sure can talk…because he got the race officials to clone brian’s bike/run time off of peter’s… they normally would NEVER do that
Sun, 03:21:30 p.m. miles; what is your secret?
Sun, 03:23:46 p.m. I’m taking my transition lessons from Chop; he FLEW through T2… obviously itching for more pain on the run. go steve!
Sun, 03:27:49 p.m. word from our secret sources is anne is looking MOST excellent, and smiling. what is WRONG with these people? I’m in pain and happy? ;)
Sun, 03:29:11 p.m. the stands are starting to fill for the pro’s crossing
Sun, 03:29:55 p.m. the movie crew is moving onto the running course (well, most of them anyway). and saw that sexy brian just run by!
Sun, 03:30:52 p.m. bill wants a chili dog… well bill, it is on the house!
Sun, 03:31:18 p.m. the HQ is starting to fill up; time to refuel a bit before heading back on the course (and plenty of bathroom stops for the little ones)
Sun, 03:31:49 p.m. the little guys are troopers! This is a long day with bus rides, weird eating schedules, little sleep… and they are hopping
Sun, 03:32:22 p.m. they want to know as much about their athletes as possible; I wish I had something more specific!
Sun, 03:32:31 p.m. We’ll send them back out again and let them scream to their hearts content
Sun, 03:33:00 p.m. ahn is in t2
Sun, 03:33:21 p.m. the crowd is going NUTZ outside
Sun, 03:35:32 p.m. the pro’s must be close…the crowds outside are really going crazy; 5-8 deep on the sidewalks around here
Sun, 03:36:05 p.m. the weather is holding out for us! slightly breezy, high 60’s, a bit hazy… we really lucked out so far (knock on wood!)
Sun, 03:37:08 p.m. joe is in transition… but he is tightening up. Aleve to the rescue. Joe, you are doing very very well
Sun, 03:38:00 p.m. Still working on finding about Aaron…. miles talked with the med folks and he isn’t with them (right now) and he isn’t in any hospital
Sun, 03:38:39 p.m. We are wondering if he stopped at a medical tent but did NOT drop out after all…. We’ll keep you posted
Sun, 03:38:56 p.m. drama, suspense, rumors… we bring it all!
Sun, 03:40:43 p.m. Joe…. well done. HQ is very excited about your Transition. So is your wife ;)
Sun, 03:41:40 p.m. Larry is on Timber… he is just before the big hill… we are estimating 60-75 min until finish. SMOKE it larry!
Sun, 03:42:18 p.m. Ray stopped in HQ… looking a bit sweaty but full of stories from the road. and swapping drives for the camera.
Sun, 03:42:55 p.m. from ray… hard to shoot today…. shades coming in and out… messing up with the shots.
Sun, 03:43:27 p.m. I’m getting in the way… asking ray too many questions…. oh, ray is telling me stories that I can’t really share. sorry!
Sun, 03:44:13 p.m. I wonder if Ray got some of these stories on tape…. heh
Sun, 03:44:39 p.m. john moore just came through transition
Sun, 03:46:33 p.m. sighting of john moore from the 8th story.
Sun, 03:47:36 p.m. ray got shots of everyone… and chatted them up
Sun, 03:48:19 p.m. Steve Chop said all he wants to do is finish up and see his kids.
Sun, 03:48:33 p.m. And pete wants a pizza…hahaha.
Sun, 03:50:44 p.m. joe’s run just started…. I hope you are feeling a bit better joe!
Sun, 03:51:01 p.m. ray almost got arrested! They didn’t have the proper credentials for the bike; they were threatened… but RAY…ray took it too them
Sun, 03:52:06 p.m. john said he feels great and is not that tired… fast run to you john
Sun, 03:52:57 p.m. ahn is fighting a headache…but clear pee. thanks steve (he lost his pricker, but is teating a lot now, went a bit high…but is clearing)
Sun, 03:53:45 p.m. teating? I can’t spell! He is treating his high and is doing well. On the run and his numbers are coming back down
Sun, 03:56:33 p.m. Bill said he was having a great day…. but that was after he lost it on the curb during transition… so I guess that is a good thing?
Sun, 03:56:51 p.m. he is getting prepped for chili dogs ;)
Sun, 03:58:21 p.m. John is running very well… great transition time and he just jumped into the run… watch out

Sun, 04:00:52 p.m. ohhhh… I’m looking at some of the footage from the course. Folks, you are in for a treat. the start footage is stunning
Sun, 04:04:02 p.m. ray is very excited about the footage
Sun, 04:05:02 p.m. the finish was spectacular…
Sun, 04:05:12 p.m. (not that I saw it…but that is the word!)
Sun, 04:09:53 p.m. brian is at picnic point
Sun, 04:10:13 p.m. that is half way through the first loop… so pretty much at a 10k
Sun, 04:12:19 p.m. Larry just went through verona… and going at a pretty good click
Sun, 04:13:42 p.m. about 30-40 minutes to go until larry hits the transition. Go Larry!!!
Sun, 04:21:04 p.m. bill is at the stadium; enjoying the screaming college students I’m sure… the roar in and around the stadium is supposed to be unreal
Sun, 04:22:35 p.m. that puts bill about 3/4 through his first loop (of two)
Sun, 04:26:35 p.m. oh! Ann is on the run!
Sun, 04:26:51 p.m. wicked fast T2 time to boot
Sun, 04:26:55 p.m. Nice bike ann; she made up some good time; jumping up in the rankings
Sun, 04:29:42 p.m. michelle just came back…with some good stories
Sun, 04:29:53 p.m. joe said “I got this thing”
Sun, 04:32:14 p.m. aaron cramped terribly…. oh man, that just stinks (and that is saying it politely)
Sun, 04:35:00 p.m. I missed out on the walking tacos…. frittos with chili. They are raving about it at HQ
Sun, 04:39:36 p.m. brian is a crazy man out there today. Screaming for his cheerleaders :D
Sun, 04:45:36 p.m. oh! brian just finished the half marathon. 8:05 mile. wowzers
Sun, 04:45:52 p.m. oh! Dave just rolled into T2…and in VERY high spirits.
Sun, 04:50:20 p.m. parker is in the transition!
Sun, 04:51:10 p.m. Peter is now in the 2nd part of the marathon….
Sun, 04:51:15 p.m. his split is looking good
Sun, 04:55:45 p.m. anne passed through spring and randall on the run
Sun, 04:55:55 p.m. right near the stadium
Sun, 04:58:36 p.m. ah, the damage of kids left unsupervised in the HQ… little rascals! ;)

Sun, 05:00:47 p.m. dave is though the transition! I’m calling to get the scoop from the inside source (his wife!)
Sun, 05:01:47 p.m. and steve parker just under the building about 4:50
Sun, 05:03:34 p.m. brian is high on adrenaline right now… running across the street to give *anyone* in a blue shirt a hi-five. brian is an animal.
Sun, 05:05:51 p.m. ok folks, cheer larry into T2!!!!
Sun, 05:14:52 p.m. peter and brian are well on their way on the 2nd loop… it sounds like they are approaching or through the stadium
Sun, 05:15:24 p.m. bill is approaching his first loop. Cheering for ya bill!!!!
Sun, 05:26:41 p.m. NICE!!!!!!!!! Larry is in T2. go larry go!
Sun, 05:27:21 p.m. all athletes on the course are now off the bike
Sun, 05:28:08 p.m. @seager thank you for the updates!
Sun, 05:29:53 p.m. it sounds like bill is finished with his first lap; he has been spotted on the course!
Sun, 05:34:23 p.m. larry is out on the course and looking great
Sun, 05:35:16 p.m. that is fantastic…. talking about gutz… he was close enough to the cutoff that they would have asked him if he wanted to stop the race
Sun, 05:35:54 p.m. the fact that he is out on the course speaks volumes. Larry, hats off to you. Those watching; cheer him on like crazy
Sun, 05:37:23 p.m. and larry had a great transition time; he focused and hustled out to the course
Sun, 05:43:21 p.m. Sorry folks; trying to upload more photos but no luck. The view from hq is awesome
Sun, 05:54:55 p.m. Ahn and Moore are on their way from the stadium.
Sun, 05:56:29 p.m. Larry @ Spring and Randall 1st lap
Sun, 05:57:08 p.m. Ahn, Brady, John back from Stadium

Sun, 06:05:53 p.m. About 1k from the finish line, spotting for the crew. Lots of gritted teeth and determination
Sun, 06:07:21 p.m. Heard that bill is still sick on the run, but he is utterly determine to finish…. And still cracking jokes
Sun, 06:09:25 p.m. Sun is going behind the buildings. The temp is a bit chilly in the shade, which is probably just perfect.
Sun, 06:09:36 p.m. Joe is c
Sun, 06:10:20 p.m. Joe is coming in for his first loop… Looking tough and determined
Sun, 06:15:03 p.m. The Boone boys (ahn and Moore) are running together, coming in for their first lap
Sun, 06:19:19 p.m. Joe on his way back out for his last loop
Sun, 06:23:55 p.m. Moore and ahn passed again, running together and cracking jokes between the two of them. Awesome
Sun, 06:39:42 p.m. Peter is about to cross!!!!’
Sun, 06:40:25 p.m. He is looking determined but with a VERY relaxed smooth gate
Sun, 06:41:36 p.m. Just saw Anne! Coming through for completing her first lap. She looked focused. Go Anne!
Sun, 06:46:54 p.m. Dave is cramping badly, and is going to finish but was planing on visiting an aid station to stretch it out and maybe pick something up
Sun, 06:47:31 p.m. Pete crossed and it was perfect
Sun, 06:50:47 p.m. Brian seriously cramped but the man is back on the course and within a few miles of crossing. Guts!

Sun, 07:06:22 p.m. It is now 12hrs into this most grueling of races, and most everyone still says thank you when you cheer them on
Sun, 07:09:01 p.m. As they once said ( but for something totally different) nuts!
Sun, 07:10:07 p.m. Brian is getting very close and is looking STRONG. Cheer him in
Sun, 07:26:21 p.m. Brian is meeting up with his buddy
Sun, 07:26:52 p.m. As he said, it was hairy there for a bit, but he made it
Sun, 07:27:33 p.m. And yes he did!!! With a smile
Sun, 07:32:29 p.m. Parker is looking very solid. He wants a faster pair of legs, but he likes the rest of himself.
Sun, 07:39:24 p.m. Dave is now on his second lap. He is hurting quite a bit but everything is showing a massive dose of grit. Let’s bring him home
Sun, 07:40:08 p.m. Parker came back around to start his second lap with a good pick-me-up
Sun, 07:43:02 p.m. There goes dave for his second lap, with a power fist in the air
Sun, 07:44:24 p.m. These people are crazy
Sun, 07:44:48 p.m. Stating the obvious of course!!
Sun, 07:46:13 p.m. No updates on joe except that he started his 2nd lap about 100 min ago
Sun, 07:52:12 p.m. “wet water. Come get your wet water. The best water in Wisconsin”
Sun, 07:54:25 p.m. There are 9 on the course. Bring them home!
Sun, 07:57:52 p.m. It is dark out here! Fall is here

Sun, 08:02:29 p.m. Larry is coming around for his first lap, and he is looking like he has only run a half marathon. It was *great* to see him
Sun, 08:02:54 p.m. Bill is passing mile 23
Sun, 08:03:15 p.m. Go bill! The dude defines tough
Sun, 08:05:55 p.m. Larry might have had a rough bike, but nothing is going to stop him now
Sun, 08:06:42 p.m. He’s going to be testing soon, but all his kit is in working order
Sun, 08:20:58 p.m. Steve chop is coming in with a singular focus. The man is finishing right now. Wow is he determined.
Sun, 08:22:56 p.m. He saw me, kicked it up, and we were barely ready for him. He pulled that out of his suitcase of courage :)
Sun, 08:28:56 p.m. The costumes are out! I’m sharing the street with batman and a roman…. Something
Sun, 08:31:41 p.m. A guy I met on the plane, a stranger, is finishing!!! It is awesome what we are seeing out here
Sun, 08:36:44 p.m. Chop gave it all at the finish line. He is ok and finished with …. Well, I’m at a loss to describe it
Sun, 08:39:56 p.m. Chop had to visit the wiZards with IV’s and salt, and came out on top
Sun, 08:42:51 p.m. Joe Brady is coming in…. With understated courage
Sun, 08:43:35 p.m. Joe, our hats are off to you. Folks, give him a big cheer
Sun, 08:44:56 p.m. Chop just wants to see his kids
Sun, 08:56:09 p.m. Bill is coming in! He hit it hard and really pushed, but the last bit was rough. Yet he refocused and brought it home
Sun, 08:56:51 p.m. Ahn and moore are on his tail! They might finish together!!!!
Sun, 08:57:58 p.m. Trifecta! Steve and john ran it together, and looked so strong at the end
Sun, 08:59:32 p.m. Bill, it wasn’t the race you wanted, but it was a thrill to see you push it. Kudos

Sun, 09:04:37 p.m. Even batman is inspired
Sun, 09:06:01 p.m. Here comes the rain! Well, sprinkles really
Sun, 09:06:30 p.m. Ok.. Rain it is
Sun, 09:21:55 p.m. This is awesome!!! In the rain comes Anne! With one focus… A lady with a mission. Bring it home Anne!
Sun, 09:25:06 p.m. The rain is letting up
Sun, 09:27:54 p.m. We hear that dave is working the miles off, with buckets of courage
Sun, 09:29:26 p.m. The crazies are out!!!
Sun, 09:39:42 p.m. The cheese heads are spotted! Now I feel like I’ve been in the cheese state!
Sun, 09:41:38 p.m. 3 to go! They’re coming home
Sun, 09:46:52 p.m. It is getting quieter on the streets, except for the finish line, which we can here blocks away
Sun, 09:47:24 p.m. Stop light are blinking
Sun, 09:53:17 p.m. These people are in such amazing shape, but it has been a mental game for hrs now.

Sun, 10:31:05 p.m. Parker is coming in! He kept asking where he was going to meet his iron kid; nothing else mattered. The crowd is going to roar him across
Sun, 10:34:19 p.m. The crowd at the finish line is loud!
Sun, 10:56:33 p.m. Larry is here! He was running with his son and just looking so solid. Larry, happy 60th!
Sun, 10:57:08 p.m. So solid, and going at a good smooth clip to boot

Sun, 11:17:54 p.m. And there it is! DAVE finished
Sun, 11:18:48 p.m. And what a finish it was! He couldn’t have smiled any bigger. PARTY
Sun, 11:57:22 p.m. and then my batteries died after that last msg
Sun, 11:57:34 p.m. Seeing dave cross was the icing.
Sun, 11:58:19 p.m. The athletes are bed; we are cleaning up hq…and tomorrow the stories start
Sun, 11:58:37 p.m. they’re yelling in the last of the athletes as there are less than 2 minutes until they close the course!

Mon, 12:00:08 a.m. and there they go! The red flashing lights bring up a group of athletes…and they are going nuts crossing the finishing line
Mon, 12:00:53 a.m. there it is!!! The end of Ironman Wisconsin 2008. 12 athletes with Type1. Hats off guys and gal.
Mon, 12:01:00 a.m. night

Mon, 03:03:45 p.m. Triabetes thanks everyone for twittering on race day! We’re glad you enjoyed the excitement and thank Sharendipity for headquarter use!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Everything Happens for a Reason

So Jesse has a middle-school "girlfriend" named Madeline. 3 days ago she asked what the symptoms were for type 1 diabetes. She just called. She's in the hospital with a blood sugar of 516. She has type 1. Jesse just talked to her to tell her it sucks....she'll be get used to the shots...I'll help you at school....

Everything happens for a reason but right now, it doesn't feel very good. Yet, I know she is in the best hands......

Watch us

Triabetes is the story for Ironman Wisconsin 08

Just a quick note before I take a nap. Ironman came and went. Go see the results if you like at Thanks so much to all of you for the support, the cheers, and the love. I will post a ton of pics, I promise. 11 of 12 crossed the finish line, all twelve are Ironmen to me. If you have facebook, please go to the "Triabetes 2008" page to see photos that have already been uploaded.

It was a very long and inspiring day. I saw that a million people checked my blog yesterday - sorry - i was out the course all day!

More to come...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Twitters, tweets and twhirls are the name of the game

Ok, kids. It's here. Ironman Eve. Yet no champagne? Hm...

Do you want to follow the athletes via computer tomorrow - check out:

You can watch messages from people out on the course all day! They will be emailing any time they see a Triabetes Athlete on the course! You can join us, wanna know how???

If you are on the course follow these instructions:

Send a text message to phone # 40404
enter message "@triabetes hi michelle"
you will get a message back asking you to confirm by sending your name back.

Any time you see an athlete on the course, do the following:
Send a message to 40404
"@triabetes saw Dave Shack on Midtown"

Whomever you see, let us know! We will follow it and let our videographers know! We need you to make the documentary work. It's late...going to bed. questions? Give us a shout on the comment screen - I'll be checking throughout the day!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I should be in bed...but...

I can't sleep. I just knew it's THE weekend and you might be reading this. It's my Triabetes obligation to make sure you are up to date right? :)

So Thursday many new faces arrived. Matt and I attended the medical meeting for the volunteers put on my Ironman. Matt and I asked questions and made sure the volunteers were aware of the # of people with diabetes there would be on the course. Many of the athletes were worried about the swim. You see, try to envision them putting on their wetsuits inside the building. They walk down the large parking ramp called the "Helix". They put away their dry clothes. They get in line to get in the water with 2500 of their closet seal-bodied friends. Barked at in fact to get in the damn water. They tread for 20 minutes. The gun goes off. They finish the swim anywhere between 1:15-2:20 hours. They get out. Their wetsuit is peeled. They have to run back up the "helix" and get to their stuff.

Imagine you have diabetes. No insulin. No glucose meters. No fast acting sugar. Would you panic that you would be without for up to 3 hours minimum? The good news is we convinced IM to let me man a table right as they get in and out of the water for all of their needs - how COOL is that??? Three cheers for North American Sports!!

Lots of chaos, signing up, chip timing, and I can't believe they gave me a pink swim cap - seriously...really? ME? Sexist....grumble grumble.

But all of the athletes are here. As we all got in to practice the swim this morning I begged Ray to take footage of me with all of the newly buff triabetes athletes with their wetsuits half off - DAMN!! They are RIPPED!!!

Of course everyone did get tired of me oggling the 2000 male there is a place to check out guys! WOOHOO!

My house is full of Ahns....and Stewarts...and I'm staying at the home of the Gorsuch family. 2 bedrooms for me, a bath, and a fridge full of beer. Tearin' up. :)

Tomorrow is the welcome reception - gettin' close....... do you smell it? Ironman finishes to come...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

They're Here! They're Here!

Finally! I'm surrounded by real triabetes athletes - not just talking on the phone, instant messages, text messages or via email! Last night Bill Carlson, Peter Nerothin and Steve Chop arrived. Bill and I went for a bike ride with friends Mike Runnels and Sheryl (working pancreas), Stacy Cook, Miles Gerson (nonfunctioning) for a quick spin. Then came chinese food, a few beers and good times!

Back to my house with Bill and Steve. I woke up this morning to Bill suiting up for a run in a very cold rain. Not me, I waited for Chop to get us some coffee!

The gang spent the day down in the Ironman Village frolicking. I wish I could have joined them, but had a great day working at brava (for the record, brava is not Brava, it is brava, yes I know punctuation and capitalization, please don't point it out - it really IS brava..). Anyhow....

Tonight Matt Corcoran, our team doc, and I are meeting with the race director and medical director for IM. Pretty exciting. I am hoping they will allow me to have an area at the swim start where I will babysit the meters, the pumps, the cgms, emergency food, and give it up when they get out of the water. Ironman is very scary - but imagine not having your insulin or sugar sources for 3 hours! We are working to make that better.

Follow along, I'll update daily! It's here! It's really here!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Spy....Triabetes folks at the Governor's place

On August 21st, members of the Triabetes group had the honor of enjoying dinner at the Governor's mansion in Madison, WI. From left to right are Denise, Triabetes member Aaron Perry, Governor Jim Doyle, Andiamo Productions award winning team of Ray Ibsen, Nella Citino, with daughter, Elise, in front. Pioneer of stem cells (really!) Dr. Jamie Thomsen, Me with son Jesse in the triabetes tee, Triabetes athlete Joe Brady with wife, Cindy, and of course First Lady, Jessica Doyle.

It was a small group and lots of time to chat up the staff about the documentary and the amazing athletes. We hope to get invited back after the event and to hopefully show him the documentary!