Monday, September 21, 2009

"I believe this documentary will change lives. I know, because it has already changed mine. "

Simple words that I read today from Triabetes athlete, Anne Findlay. Simple, yes, but the sentiments I believe all of us who were lucky enough to be part of the Triabetes project feel. From the first days securing the original today where thousands of type 1 athletes find us, sign up and train to do a 5K race....a 100k bike...or the unthinkable.


What are the facts?

The premiere: November 21st in Tempe, AZ Want to attend it? Email

Who will be there? Our goal is to have all 12 athletes and their "triabuddy" (formerly Ironkidz) at the event.

Why Tempe? A new generation of Triabetes athletes will be racing the next day in Ironman AZ.

Where can I see the documentary after that? We hope to show the documentary in hometowns (such as mine, Madison, Wisconsin), distributed throughout Internet sites that are willing to show hi-def documentaries, and through the Diabetes Health Network - doctors offices throughout the world!

We received generous contributions from sponsors and individuals. We want to tell the world about these amazing athletes - because simply. It changed Anne's life. And mine. And maybe even...yours.

Please help. We are very close to reaching our goal of distributing the dvd not just by the Internet, but other venues.

The last push. This is it. Have you been inspired by the journey? Whatever you can do.......matters to us.

If you can help, please give:

This project - these people - have changed my life. And you have been part of the journey. And I thank you.

Now, go watch the clips again at Be inspired.....