Friday, March 13, 2009

Charles gets a sweet ride...

A little off the Triabetes beaten path, but it is fun to post that Charles now has a sweet new ride! We spent the entire afternoon at "bike-o-rama", a tradition I attend every year! Bike-o-rama consists of everything you need to start biking, keep biking, and everything you don't need but want to buy anyway.

When Charles and I met, he probably didn't see road biking in his future. Today he walked proudly out of the sale with a Fuji Roubaix ride, Crank brothers pedals, sidi shoes, Rudy Project helmet, pearl isumi shorts, gloves, water bottle cages and a wireless computer to track the distance he rides his first season!

In 2004 I walked in to bike-o-rama myself and hadn't a CLUE what to get, had my hand held figuratively as I picked out my first gear - it felt good to share the knowledge and get him set up and smiling on his way out the door.

Tomorrow it is 51 degrees here in Madison, Wisconsin! WOOHOO! It's time for the traditional Paoli loop at 11:00 am with friends tomorrow.... hope I see you out there! In the meantime, in case you are wondering I only bought a pair of Shebeest tri shorts! They are hot!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wisconsin Radio Network - 70 stations broadcast Triabetes

Sorry, inundating you with news today, but in an unrelated moment, the Wisconsin Radio Network contacted me about doing an interview about President Obama's executive order that reverses George W. Bush's decision on stem cells funded by federal money.

In 2004 Jesse and I spoke with Tammy Baldwin and Governor Doyle about the importance of letting scientists do the science, and letting moral values be something decided on a personal level. The Wisconsin Radio Network asked for an interview to follow up today on that 2004 interview.

please give it a here to view and listen!

The Interview!

Here's the video from CNBC's "Dlife" episode. Spread the word!

Click here: Triabetes DLife Interview

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3//3 - you've all seen the hat, what's the story behind?

Today is 3/3. You've seen me wearing my 3//3 hat everywhere that mimics the one created by Lance Armstrong (10//2) which referred to the date he was diagnosed with cancer and his life changed forever.

3/3/2000 was the day Jesse was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Some people may think its an odd day to celebrate, and yet most people with "d" can tell you their "anniversary date".

Today was his 9th anniversary. We ate burgers, fries and shakes at Sonic. Rage against the machine, I guess.

How do you celebrate yours?