Monday, November 17, 2008

Sometimes, the real job kicks in, right?

Wow. Have you missed me??? I've missed you! I was watching some emails fly today from the Triabetes 2008 team and it made me feel like bringing you all up to speed on our lives.....

My job at brava magazine has proven to be one of the best job moves in my entire life. For those of you who don't know, I work for Kristin Erickson, publisher of brava, who I met when her son, Sean, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 2 years ago. I featured her at my JDRF gala (best one you'll ever see, baby) and when she found out I was back on the market, she hired me up in seconds as her Marketing & Events Director. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have earned this position. I'm in charge of something called the Madison Women's Expo ( where 8000 women and 200 vendors come together to just kind of celebrate chica-land. Two celebs, Tim Gunn (of Project Runway fame) and Debbie Reynolds (pinch me when I called her office to say the photos they sent for the article just weren't doing it for me and they sent me original photos from Debbie's scrapbook from Singin' In the Rain and the Unsinkable Molly Brown...helllooo?????) are coming and lets just say putting this event on feels like a JDRF gala x 10. LOVE IT. I have about 20 people in the office who surround me, support me and damn it they are just as goofy. Creative? Wow, what a refreshing change of pace!!!!

As I finish up this huge event this weekend, I'm happy to say that Triabetes is working hard with Team Type 1 to bring you something big...something huge...something real....cohesive. Stay tuned. I'm so proud to see the diabetes & sports world coming together instead of splintering off.

Steve Ahn sent us a quick note...his wife is due soon to have their third (he's busy during IM training, isn't he folks?) and let us know his wife has had some difficulties, but he emailed his old teammates - to let us all know so we can pull for him. Every time I see a Triabetes athlete name in my inbox, I'm so happy. I do miss them terribly.

A few of them are racing Ironman Arizona this weekend (go Triabetes!) and Triabetes 2009 is well underway. For now, I sit back and watch Nella and Ray work their magic on the documentary as I try to wrap my arms around distribution - what is the right venue for this beautiful movie? Hulu? Vimeo? I mean, viral is HOT right? Film festivals, local viewings, so much to consider...and so much to learn, this executive producer knows well she's new to the scene. We all stay motivated, we all fight to bring the story beyond the day....stay tuned....