Thursday, April 3, 2008

A little of TT1, a little of Triabetes, a lotta JDRF

WOW! I'm SO excited for the upcoming JDRF gala on May 2nd. I've worked my tail off with an amazing gala committee to raise as much money as humanly possible for diabetes research. If you don't know, JDRF has a mission to raise money for research. It's amazing. Check it out at if you haven't before!

That evening, we will be honoring Bob and Carol Gorsuch. Now, Bob rode for JDRF in Whitefish, Montana during the Ride to Cure Diabetes with his daughter, Amy, and grandson, Prentice. They were very excited to get to meet my friend Phil, founder and superstar of Team Type 1. I'm so excited that Phil has accepted the honor to be my date and superstar guest speaker for the event. Phil has an amazing story that starts at 7 months old and a great mom who told him he could do great things despite his diabetes. Just one week before our gala, he will be racing (PRO!) in the Tour de Georgia. I can't wait to watch.

So onto my next exciting news. John Moore and Brian Foster from Triabetes are flying in as guests of Nella Citino and Ray Ibsen, our wonderful documentary artists at Andiamo Productions. I'm hoping to also get together Joe Brady, Aaron Perry and Larry Smith for an amazing Saturday morning bike ride on the Ironman course they will soon be racing for real! WOOHOO! I am really looking forward to getting out there and actually being part of the documentary we all envisioned.
How about some icing on the cake? Lifescan is going to be there loud and proud and purchased a gala table. Lifescan is not only a HUGE sponsor of JDRF, but a out of this world sponsor for the Triabetes project. I hope they look around the room and see all the beauty that is there with donors...corporate...families....the kid who raised $153 at a bake sale...they are all there.....

So let's get this straight. I will spend Friday with all of the people who donate to JDRF that I know and love, mix in a little TT1 love from my good friend, Phil Southerland, and add a dash of superstars from Triabetes. A pinch of Lifescan title sponsorship and what are we making?
Oh....that's right. A cure.
Goodnight everyone! I have to go to bed early because I biked to work and I need to do it again tomorrow!

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