Thursday, September 4, 2008

They're Here! They're Here!

Finally! I'm surrounded by real triabetes athletes - not just talking on the phone, instant messages, text messages or via email! Last night Bill Carlson, Peter Nerothin and Steve Chop arrived. Bill and I went for a bike ride with friends Mike Runnels and Sheryl (working pancreas), Stacy Cook, Miles Gerson (nonfunctioning) for a quick spin. Then came chinese food, a few beers and good times!

Back to my house with Bill and Steve. I woke up this morning to Bill suiting up for a run in a very cold rain. Not me, I waited for Chop to get us some coffee!

The gang spent the day down in the Ironman Village frolicking. I wish I could have joined them, but had a great day working at brava (for the record, brava is not Brava, it is brava, yes I know punctuation and capitalization, please don't point it out - it really IS brava..). Anyhow....

Tonight Matt Corcoran, our team doc, and I are meeting with the race director and medical director for IM. Pretty exciting. I am hoping they will allow me to have an area at the swim start where I will babysit the meters, the pumps, the cgms, emergency food, and give it up when they get out of the water. Ironman is very scary - but imagine not having your insulin or sugar sources for 3 hours! We are working to make that better.

Follow along, I'll update daily! It's here! It's really here!!!!

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bigmike600 said...

I am sure with your help all will go as planned.

Hopefully you will get another chance to run this race in the future.