Monday, January 5, 2009

Grab a sandwich, a kleenex, and watch our new clip

I seriously cannot believe it is already 2009. Seems like yesterday it was September 2007 and a bunch of people I had never met were flying in and staying at my house so they could sign up for Ironman 2008. Today Andiamo Productions released a new clip about Ironkidz and the Triabetes documentary. I love how the story has evolved into more than a story about a few great people doing Ironman. It has become the story also of a great group of kids who set out on an adventure on a river to learn about themselves, only to find strength in meeting a Triabetes athlete and helping to cheer them across a finish line. Those of us involved in the project knew it would be inspiring for the kids. What I didn't expect was how pivotal it was for the athletes themselves. Please enjoy the next little segment about a project that doesn't come from just my heart - it comes from the heart of many. Please spread the word. We can't do it without all of you...

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