Friday, February 27, 2009

What if someone said, "Wow, so tell us more about why you eat mac n cheese?

That's how I felt about getting asked to fly to NYC to talk about the Triabetes Documentary. To me, it's like talking about something that is so second nature at this point, it amazes me that someone cares what I have to say! Not to belittle the project AT ALL! My point is that is just part of my day, I look at them like, "Why are you interested in how I parallel parked my car?"

All kidding aside, I'm a little nervous posting this because I haven't actually SEEN the clip that was filmed on the set of Dlife about a month ago in NYC. I'm actually nervous it will be like 6 seconds and I will be horribly embarrassed, but what the heck, I've never been a shy girl, why start now?

Check your local listings but the episode will appear on Dlife and it is my understanding it will be March 8th at 7 pm est. If you miss it, don't worry, I'm narcisistic so I'll probably show up at your house and knock to remind you that you can re-watch it on the website soon after.

I received word that Brian Foster will be flying in to narrate the film on 4/4-4/6th and the script Nella and Ray of Andiamo Productions have built was the first time I really envisioned the film from beginning to end. Those two are rockstars.....

Anyway, I hope you tune in. I hope you tell your friends. I hope you don't mind the yard sign I planted in your lawn.

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