Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3//3 - you've all seen the hat, what's the story behind?

Today is 3/3. You've seen me wearing my 3//3 hat everywhere that mimics the one created by Lance Armstrong (10//2) which referred to the date he was diagnosed with cancer and his life changed forever.

3/3/2000 was the day Jesse was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Some people may think its an odd day to celebrate, and yet most people with "d" can tell you their "anniversary date".

Today was his 9th anniversary. We ate burgers, fries and shakes at Sonic. Rage against the machine, I guess.

How do you celebrate yours?


Anne Findlay said...

by running another Ironman I guess. Tell Jesse hi for me and congrat's to you all for your efforts to carry on and enjoy life.

jpnairn said...

I didn't keep track of my diagnosis date, but now I wish I knew when it was. I just know it was in the fall of '74.
Or was that '75?

Michelle said...

EVERYONE's mommy remembers, and if your mom is still around to tell you, ask her...you'd be surprised!