Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back in Step....I can't win, but I can finish

I started a vacation today. My first since I started working at JDRF almost 3 years ago. I can't help it - I feel like when I go to a conference or a ride or whatever...it's FUN. It FEELS like a vacation when I'm with people who share my mission in life, you know?

So today, I get up (late, happily) and go for a swim. Ok, it was a short swim, but so what? I swam.

I bike downtown to meet Brian Cholewa for lunch at a happy little Mexican cart (sans donkey) on the capitol square in my sweet sassy tt1 gear (I couldn't help myself I look GOOD in it dang it). I then bike into a horrible head wind smiling my head off.

It's my day off. I run into no less than 6 people affiliated with diabetes.

I stop for coffee and invite Bob Gorsuch to coffee but alas, he is actually out being a "CEO" or something...sheesh! I finish my biking, lace up and run 5ish miles to see if my butt still jiggles when I run. Yep. It does. But at least I DID IT. Game on.

The photo is my 06 Ironman finish. My friend sent it to me today. I love it. Forgot it. But it came back quickly. 1 mile to go. It's cold, raining, and my friend is wearing a flippin' winter coat! I know I look hot in my survival gear and scream, "get this stuff off me!" I want to look hot for my finish line moment. LOL

Wow. What a moment. And everyone is going to experience it soon....

Have a great night!


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