Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Team Type 1 Coming Out My Ears

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting yet another tt1'er, Bob Schrank out of the Chicago area. I was invited to a dinner hosted by Sanofi Aventis to listen to Bob speak about his diabetes management, etc. The room was filled with diabetes educators.

Memorable phrases from the evening:

Michelle: "My son wears a CGM"
Three educators: "What's a CGM"
Michelle: "???????? Really???????"

Bob, when asked about other pro racers saying it's an unfair advantage that they use insulin: "my pancreas red-lined, what's your excuse?"

My favorite quote from Bob that instantly became my tagline was when he said: "I didn't join Team Type 1 for cycling. I was already a cyclist."

I love what he said because it reminds me of so much of what we all do, those of us invested in the "d" world. We use the amazing skills we already have to spread the message and do good things, to get us closer to a cure.

I'm not sure what my amazing skill is but I'm pretty sure it involves pot pies or something.

PS Check out Bob's new blog as he embarks on RAAM 2008:


Anne Findlay said...

I love pot pies. Let's have some on Sept 8.

Also, I feel the same way as Bob. I don't do this triathlon stuff because I want to prove anything. I just am a triathlete who happens to have diabetes.

Michelle said...

I won't rule the pot pies out at the finish line. Think Swanson will sponsor us?

Last time it was a grilled cheese and hot chocolate made by Stacy Cook. Food of the Gods at 1:00 a.m.

You just made me think of the Ironman breakfast...yum...3 plates later and six cups of coffee....I think i'll go take the kids for ice cream right now. :)