Monday, May 5, 2008

Gala Success - What a Night!

Ok, so Friday, May 2nd, the "When You Wish Upon A Star Gala took place in Madison, Wisconsin. Lots of committee members made it happen. I know there are amazing photos yet to come that I will blog about, but for now, here are a few.... I'm starting with my favorite.

Phil Southerland of Team Type 1 and I were joking about him flying in to be my date. Phil and I have been friends since what I call the "old" days (a.k.a. he wasn't even out of college, Team Type 1 was something still in his imagination, and I was just fresh out of my chubby PTA mom days in Carmel, California). What started off as a joke, became reality with Phil flying in as my honorable date. We are lucky that he does a class-act job as being a key-note speaker as well! Lucky us!

I was a little shy about his documentary company holding a camera to us as we were both frantically trying to get dresses and tuxes on (I do not know how to tie a bow tie - thank you you tube!). I raced to the VIP reception, he watched the bow-tie video 7 times, and the evening was on. Could I ask for a better date? Nah.

Enter the reception and skip past Triabetes athlete and wife extraordinaire, John and Maureen Moore. Ok, so John picks on me that I don't recognize him, but hey! I've never seen him dressed up like that! All is forgiven and we have an amazing ballroom-filled evening.



I stood at the door briefly just to listen to people as they entered the ballroom. I giggled everytime I heard a gasp.

The evening is filled with silent and live auction. Phil tells the story of growing up with diabetes. He takes the time to speak to lots of the kids of the evening. My inbox has proven that Mr. Southerland made quite an impression in Madison, Wisconsin.
I'm proud to say our evening raised a whopping $360K at last count - a good $90K over our goal! Good company, good friends. I will post a photo album once our professional photographer puts the photos together.


Anne Findlay said...

Congratulations!! Thanks for all you do to find a cure for type 1. You rock.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous dress.
Sounds like a fun evening!